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Yearly archive for 2007

A tourist in the kingdom of baseball

The secret of a lasting marriage has more than a little to do with exploring your spouse’s burning interests. I never managed to develop a passion for baseball. Still, I’m glad I made the effort.

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My perfect Christmas tree

Real or artificial? Who cares? Anyone can buy the Christmas tree. Only I can decorate it with the lovingly collected ornaments that make it mine.

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Here’s to good readers

Good readers are a lot like good life partners. They don’t expect to love the whole package; they just want a rich experience that rewards the gift of their attention.

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My two children: the son and the book

When I wrote My Mother’s Daughter, I learned to forget about tangible results and let the work become its own reward. After years of corporate life, this felt a little strange. But it wasn’t really. I have raised a son, and for parents there are no benchmarks except your own love and commitment.

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As long as I’m a mother…

Just because I no longer listen for the click of my son’s key in the front door doesn’t mean I’ve outgrown the habit of maternal worry.

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Not your average dinner party

Why every woman should see Judy Chicago’s stunning work “The Dinner Party,” which is 28 years old and still charged with excitement

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The woman who lived on words

It wasn’t easy to be friends with Margaret Gibson, a ferociously original writer who struggled with severe mental illness. But by reading her a poem I knew she’d love, I found a moment of grace.

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My favourite dish

Instead of homemade fettucine and other grand culinary productions, I stick to simple pleasures like this mustard-grilled flank steak.

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Five minutes alone with Leonard Cohen

Guests were due in five minutes, and everything was ready: fresh towels in the powder room, champagne chilling in the fridge, kicked-off shoes and old magazines banished from view. Without its familiar overlay of clutter, our living room had the anticipatory stillness of a stage set just

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A moment of grace in cyberspace

You never know how an online encounter with a stranger is going to enlarge your life. This morning, an e-mail from a stranger did precisely that.

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