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My Mother – Betty Ewing


My mother was amazing. When I was girl I was diagnosed with epilepsy and my mother was literally at my side sleeping and always there during that ordeal until my seizures were controlled. Then as I grew up she was always looking over me, trying to make sure I made the right decisions. Sometimes it drove me crazy!

Then after I got married she moved away to an island for 13 years. We never lost touch. She was my best friend as well as my mom. One day she needed to move back and I went to her, my son and I helped her move all her worldly possessions back home. It ended up being the best thing that ever happened to us, we grew so close. I woke up everyday and called my mom, she would just ?show up” at my house during the day and we would talk. If anything good bad or indifferent happened either of us we shared it with each other. We laughed till we would cry when we were together, On occasion we fought, but we always made up and things went back to normal.

I would take care of her when she was sick and when I had knee surgery she was there as my biggest supporter. I will always remember the look of pride on her face as I did my therapy after surgery. I miss that. No one will ever be that proud of me again. We had an unconditional love. She would come and stay at my house with her dog for a few days at a time, she worried that she was going to over stay her welcome. That would never happen…I was always happiest when she was here.

On her 79th birthday she was staying with me and fell ill. We rushed her to the hospital and an emergency surgery was done. Two weeks later on Valentines Day 2009 my mother died. I have been lost, heart broken and for a while became destructive in a way that I am surprised I survived. I am beginning to stabilize but I am different, I have changed with her loss. I am not as happy these days, and my heart often aches. I look at life differently now. I have started college at 49 and wish she was here to see how well I am doing, but know she would be telling me not to over do it and complaining I was not spending enough time with her because of school. I miss her. The things that annoyed me I miss them too.

I lost more than my mother. I lost my best friend. The holidays will be hard, but I know I must learn from this and spend all the time I can with my family and love on them hard, because we don?t know what tomorrow will bring. Someday I will be with my mother again…my anchor, my north star, a big part of me died that day…I hope she knew how much I loved her. How much I still need her everyday, I miss her. It does not get easier; I just am learning how to live with the pain of the loss of my mother. I miss you mother, so much.

PS I wish I had a better picture of her….if you are reading this and your mom is alive, take pictures, treasure her, love her, even when she is a pain, cause when she is gone, you will miss it all.

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