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My Mother – Betty Postill

Betty PThere are many stories about the courage my mother conjured up whenever it was demanded. Two I remember every time there’s a big storm. Wherever I happen to be, I rush to the window to enjoy the lightning and thunder and think about how she made good on a vow that her children would never suffer as she and her brothers had when they were young.

They were so afraid of storms that they would cry and hide under their beds whenever thunder boomed. So when my sister and I were kids, if a storm began when we were sleeping, she would shake us awake and take us to the window for “a treat.” Bonnie and I would stand there oohing and ahhing and getting a huge thrill from nature’s light show – never realizing that Mother was cowering behind us, still shaking with her old fear, but never letting on.

I was so certain that she wasn’t afraid of anything that one of the biggest shocks I’ve ever had occurred when I was a young adult. A family group went up the tower at Niagara Falls and my mother finally confessed to one of the fears I had never suspected she felt. She was terrified of great heights, she told her disbelieving elder daughter (me). Nevertheless, she forced herself to step out on the ledge. Sure, she kept her back and both hands against the wall, but once again she did something she was afraid to do.

What a great lesson to teach her daughters.

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