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My Mother – Joanne Thompson

Joanne T“You are so like your mother.” It is a phrase I often hear; sometimes paired with a laugh, other times with a hint of annoyance and a roll of the eyes. I hear it more often as I grow older and my relationship with my mom grows stronger. What is more, as I grow older (and I would like to think increasingly wise and mature) she grows in my eyes too. She is not just my mother, the woman from whom I have inherited my restless, over-achieving, perfectionism from, but she is a tangible person with her own stories that I would love to sit and read all at once, but know that it is best to savour chapter by chapter.

I started “reading” my mother when she put a bookmark in her own life to live with me while I was on bedrest in Calgary Children’s Hospital. She did this twice, the second time for over two months, and I owe it to her patient games of Rummikub, chauffering of my wheelchair, listening ears, and trusting heart for my ever leaving there at all. We had always been close, but at that point she saw me in an environment where I was unable to hide that I was at my very worst, and I saw the strength and wisdom she had to offer and realized how much I needed it. I let my guard down, and let her in.

The support that my mom offered me four years ago I still rely upon today. She is a constant in my life, sometimes the only consistent part as I move about, testing the limits of my future. I value her opinion over others’; even when I have made a decision, I only feel at ease with it if she knows what I have chosen, and offers her realistic advice and approval. What has taken me from my very worst toward my very best is the desire to make my mom proud–as I truly believe that she is.

And now as time passes, she is letting me in, allowing me to return the favour. As I become the one who listens to her, lends her advice and support, learns more about her desires, reasons, struggles, and thoughts, I hope to read and understand her as soundly as she does me. I want her to be able to trust me as I have come to do so in her; for our friendship to exist as strongly as our mother-daughter relationship. I hope to develop and return her patience, genuine care, and dependability so that when people say “You are so like your mother” I can simply reply “Thank you!”

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