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My Mother – Irene McNeil

I lost my mother when I was 21; she was 51. I am now 51 and still feel a great loss. I also feel a tremendous amount of guilt as I now look back and realize that I was so busy with my own life, that I didn’t spend much time with her and since she never spoke of her illness, although I knew there was cancer in her body, I never realized the extent. I think back and can’t help but cry when I realize how lonely my mother was; she was divorced after a very lousy marriage; and was left with her failing health in her last few years of life. I should have been more clued into her health and not so self-centred. If I could only turn back the clock. I now have an 18 year old daughter and see such familiar patterns. She doesn’t have the time for me that she did when she was younger and depended on me. I often think this is my “payback” for not being very understanding of my own mother’s failing health and her loneliness. For 30 years I have grieved for my mom as well as being so angry at myself for not being a daughter that would spend more time with her, go visit her more often, spend time talking and sharing stories. But I was too busy doing my own thing. It’s been a hard lesson to learn and I greatly fear that this could happen to my own daughter if something was to happen to me.

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