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A friend to homeless women (and at least one first-time author)

I have a terrible memory for faces and names, so I can’t recall meeting Lia Grimanis at a crowded reception some time ago. But she remembered me, and while browsing in a bookstore she recognized my face on the spine of My Mother’s Daughter. “How do I know her?” she asked herself. Then she saw me in her mind, sitting alone until she interrupted my reverie.

I must have told her a little about the story I was struggling to write—the story of how I became myself because of, and in spite of, the woman who formed me. Every day in a fit of relentless perfectionism, I’d rewrite at least half of the previous day’s work. But I doubt if I shared that particular detail. Along with my mascara and silver jewelry, I had put on the role of the assured, resolute author. Then my real self went home and lay awake, wondering if this adored and indulged problem child known as a book would ever find a place in the world. I couldn’t picture the finished book in my own hands, let alone in the hands of readers I didn’t know.

Lia bought my book, for which I’m grateful. She decided it was worth just as much as a pedicure, or a week’s worth of lunchtime sandwiches. And then she had the extraordinary grace to let me know. That night she e-mailed me her good wishes, which I found on my computer in the eye-rubbing moments before bed. It had been a day of wrong turns, missed signals and out-and-out screwups, but Lia’s message redeemed everything. She closed with a link to her web site, Up With Women, where she advocates with energy and grit for homeless women.

Lia used to be such a woman. At 18, she fled an abusive home to find the place she deserved in the world. She learned to play the harp, fly a helicopter and race motorcycles. She makes her living as a sales executive in the software business, but she has a gift for telling stories that bring her mission to life—especially her own tale of how she became herself despite formidable odds. Check out her site. I’m betting you’ll agree.


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