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A schlepper at Mount Aconcagua

Mind if I brag for a minute? After all, it´s not every traveler who follows in the footsteps of the world´s most intepid climbers, drawn by the forbidding power of Mount Aconcagua, the the tallest peak outside the Himalayas. Every year at least one climber dies trying to conquer Aconcagua, but I braved the route like a purist, without so much as one breath of oxygen. Okay, not the whole route, which takes a good two weeks with crampons and an ice axe. Just the half-hour circuit for schleppers who come to gorge on the view. Since my camera´s still buried in one of dozens of boxes still unpacked after our move, I can´t show you a photo to prove that I was there. You´ll just have to take my word for it. I saw the fossilized remains of sea creatures who died some 30 million years ago, when this place was the ocean floor. I saw the glaciers looming ahead, glittering white against the impossibly radiant blue sky, like the blue of a dream or a child´s picture book, which promises to be one of my defining memories of Argentina.

I pondered the story our guide told of the mummified Inca boy discovered on the mountain some years ago. He was 11 years old when someone struck him on the back of the skull and left him to die there, an offering to the gods. How on earth did he and his killers get up Aconcagua in sandals? No one knows. I’ll go home wondering. But it´s not time to go quite yet.

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