Brand building through storytelling


I’ve been telling stories all my life. You’ll find quite a few of them here.

This archive gathers highlights from every phase of my career, from teenage fiction writer through Chatelaine editor and beyond. Were you a fan of “Letters from Rona,” my discontinued blog? All your favorite posts are here—along with comments that particularly touched or enlightened me. Unlike my old site, which was designed as an online community, this one doesn’t have a comments function. I’m no longer hosting a community, but I still love hearing from readers like you:

7 reasons to explore this archive:

  1. The Fan Club,” a short story about bullying that I wrote as a teen. Kids still identify today.
  2. My essay on the Montreal Massacre, written right after it happened and still timely in the twenty-first century.
  3. When Your Mother Dies,” my most-requested Chatelaine editorial.
  4. A Tale of Two Sisters,” in which my sister and I dished about our bond—and sparked a passionate conversation among other sisters.
  5. Did you know I’ve appeared on Broadway? Quite a yarn!
  6. The secret of a long happy marriage: two beds.
  7. The mother/daughter gallery, a garland of stories from my readers about the women who formed them.

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