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At long last, a vacation!

You’ll be hearing from me less often these next few weeks. As I write this, I’m packing for our trip to South America. Correction: I should be packing. But late last night, I got an SOS from the bewildered new owners of our former condo: did we really mean to leave 48 wine glasses behind? Hardly! So instead of packing my suitcase, I’ve been packing up glassware that we didn’t even miss, wondering how it ever came to pass that we acquired so much stuff and that, even after a seemingly extensive downsizing, we keep finding more.

Now it’s time to get serious about that suitcase. And the guidebooks and the passport and the Spanish phrase book…yikes, better get a move on. I won’t be taking my computer, or the screaming cell phone to which I’ve been tethered lately. If I pass an inviting Internet cafe, you might hear from me on my travels. Otherwise, I’ll be drinking fine red wine, learning a tango step or two and getting in the mood for the next chapter of my life. One thing I’m determined to avoid is shopping. But I’ll come back with lots of stories. See you then for sure.


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