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My Mother – Joan Adams Siler

My mother passed suddenly April 22, 2013 of a heart attack. She woke up that morning not feeling well but really could not describe what she was feeling. Surprisingly, she was not in a lot of distress at all. But she had enough heart history that I

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My Mother – Patricia Lily Connors

My mum only left me 4 days ago so it’s all very raw and surreal. There are moments of disbelief and then waves of grief, scared that I will forget her voice or her face. The funeral is on Thursday so another hurdle to go and then

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My Mother – Anne Goodman

My mum passed away January 9th 2012… She lived in England where I was born. I did get to spend time with her in December, with my husband and then with my whole family, my kids and one grandchild. She met Bennan while laying in her bed,

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My Mother – Patricia Gail Lewellen

For My Beautiful Mom…. Patricia Gail Born April 7th 1951- Passed Away Dec 11th 2011 I awoke this morning at 4am the same time you left, how coincidental..I said to myself,.. This time will never be the same for me again..4am and the 11th day of every

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My Mother – Maria Griffith

My beloved mother, wife, grandmother, and friend passed away July 18, 2011. I miss her so very much. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Of all days, my mother passed away on her grandson’s birthday. Sitting right next to her on the couch. I witness her take

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My Mother – Cath

It’s coming up to a year since my mother passed. She was not just a mum,but also my best friend.Pretty fit and healthy we’d just walked a 6-mile walk together as we did each saturday,the day before she died. She’d been a child of the 60s, married

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My Mother – Ursula

My mother passed away almost nine years ago now. When I do the math I am almost in disbelief. Nine years ALREADY? ONLY nine years? Depending on where I’m at in my head her death seems so remote, so ancient and at other times so fresh and

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My Mother – Patricia

I lost my mom after complications following surgery; not due to the surgery. She developed sepsis due to large intestine twist. It literally shut everything down and we tried everything to get her well. But her kidneys and liver and gut just stopped working. After two and

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My Mother – Laura Grinke Hermonat

My mother left her home in Winnipeg at 18, after passing a qualifying exam, to work for the British consulate in Washington, DC during World War II. A group of her friends decided to take the exam together and my mother was the only one to actually

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My Mother – Rosemary Murphy

Six Words – How My Mother Taught Me One Last Lesson… There is nothing earth-shattering about the death of an 87-year-old woman…unless that woman is your mother. Suddenly this woman who had been there forever was gone. The nurse who greeted us when my sister and I

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