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Friends no matter what

Like a good marriage, the good friendship bends and expands to accommodate life’s transitions.

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A tale of two sisters

My sister Joyce and I share a complicated heritage of rivalry, love and disappointment. For years we didn’t speak. Then at last we were able to embrace possibility instead of standing guard against pain.

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Looking for Mousie

I tried to shield my child from the pain of loss, but losing is an art that every child needs to learn.

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Mommy’s too old

When a woman in her 50s or 60s becomes pregnant, she has another shot at youth. But what does she lose?

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It’s not my problem

Liberation means no more search and rescue.

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Writing the next chapter

What’s it like becoming a formerly important person? Rona Maynard tried to do it by the book

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My bicultural identity

I chose to make Canada my home, but the U.S. is still my native land.

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The hat that got away

It was perfect in every way, as if the hat gods had created it just for me. But I told myself I couldn’t afford it.

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A parent’s place

I didn’t want to say yes when my right hand man requested an eleventh-hour adoption leave. But I couldn’t afford to say no.

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Teachers who changed my life

Teaching just might be the purest expression of our need to connect with one another.

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