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When your mother dies

Around the time my mother died, the tender words of other women enveloped me like a quilt stitched by many pairs of hands. Longtime friends, mothers of friends and friends of colleagues, these women had one thing in common: their mothers had died. (“It was 40 years ago,” one said, “and I still think of her every day.”)

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What I had to learn about success

I broke a bad habit: measuring my life against other people’s.

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Food for the soul

Every time my whole day falls apart, I know there’s always one last chance to set things right. It’s called dinner.

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May I help you?

I have just spent a weekend unpacking from a move. You can picture the results: armfuls of cut-up boxes and a mountain of overstuffed garbage bags full of junk I should have tossed long ago. Late Sunday night, I made what felt like the hundred-and-forty-seventh trip to the garbage room of our new condominium. I was wondering how many more trips I had to go and whether my back would hold out when I heard a friendly voice call, “Let me help you.”

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For bed or worse

Why some of the happiest couples choose to sleep in separate beds.

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My day care kid

I have a wonderful son. At 24, Ben has friendships that have lasted for close to a decade, passions that range from Greek philosophy to graffiti art and a deep appreciation for women (one woman in particular).

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Sexism and double standards

The real reasons critics dislike women’s mags.

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Intimate strangers

The healing art of confiding in someone you’ve just met.

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