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I was feeling woebegone and weary after a tough day supervising trades at our new loft (no chair to sit on, nothing in the fridge, no time to duck out for a sandwich). Free at last from the tyranny of the tape measure, I went hunting for a mid-afternoon bowl of soup and ran smack into Scott, the former co-owner of our loft and the creative brain behind its boldly unusual colour scheme (which is just what we’d have dreamed up ourselves if we had a little more nerve than we do). “I’ve just learned something amazing!” he said. “Turns out Mark [his partner] and your grandson are cousins!”

The marvel isn’t just that Mark and Colsen are related, but that anyone noticed their bond in the first place. After all, real estate transactions don’t involve the exchange of family trees. But when you put down roots in one place—even a city the size of  Toronto—you reach a point where everyone you meet has some connection to you. “So who bought your place?” people ask. You get chatting. You discover that you’ve handed off your home to a friend of a friend, or to someone who booked long lunches at the restaurant where you once worked, or to your cousin’s grandchild. I am all of these things to Mark

Well, how about that? The soup was a spiritless cream of broccoli, and if I had made it myself I would never touch that recipe again. But I’m still savouring today’s familial discovery. At the heart of the city where I’ve lived for 39 years, there’s a village where no one is ever quite a stranger.


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