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Dog of our dreams

Casey sleeping April 2015What our TV couch always needed is a color-coordinated dog to keep it warm between episodes of whatever series we’re watching (currently Boardwalk Empire). It’s been a week and a half since we brought our year-old rescue dog home, and we already can’t imagine not having him around. Still, there have been a few surprises. Here’s how reality compares to the rescue people’s description of our new family member.

RESCUE: “He’s a 30-pound dog.” I wanted 25 pounds max but why get fussed over five extra pounds? Besides, he might lose a little weight.
REALITY: He’s 43 pounds. So that’s why he pulls his leash so hard!
RESCUE: “He’s a lab/pug Mix.” Hard to credit but appealing. Who doesn’t love labs and pugs?
REALITY (according to knowledgeable dog people): Our Casey is a hound who has made it his mission to exterminate the squirrels of Toronto. I guess it figures–he’s a mutt from small-town Ohio, where everybody hunts.
RESCUE: “Road trips? No problem. He loves riding in the car.”
REALITY: Cars aren’t Casey’s idea of fun.
RESCUE: “You’re going to love him! He’s the perfect dog for you.”
REALITY: We do and he is. But if we’d known he was not the smallish dog we had in mind, we might have said, “Not for us.”

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