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Me and my techie: a drama in three acts

What every self-employed person craves is a savvy, service-oriented tech guy. I dream of having such a guy the way I once dreamed of deathless love, and I have actually found a couple. But I’ve discovered there’s an arc to these relationships that keep so many of us connected to the world. This is the arc of the drama:

Act I: After canvassing everyone you know and coming up dry, you get a lead on someone so terrific you can hardly contain your gratitude. Your friend has relied on him for years, but she’s kind enough to share him with you. He calls you back in all of 20 minutes and is soon at your door with his bag of technotricks, keen to crack his brain on your problem. You can’t believe how little he charges for straightening you out. Ah, love! For the next six months–perhaps even a couple of years–you feel blessed beyond measure to have him at your side.

Act 2: Your techie lands a big contract. He gives himself a snappy new name like “Digital Doctor.” You hope this is good news. How can he continue helping desperate freelancers like you without the security that Megacorp provides? Besides, you like him. Should a guy this personable and smart have to live in his parents’ basement? Then the unthinkable happens. He forgets to return your call. And another after that. When you finally connect, he says he’s happy to work on your job. All you have to do is drop your computer off at his place so he can solve your piddly little problem while taking care of more important clients. Not that he would ever call your problem “piddly” or other clients more important. He’s way too nice for that But you know what he’s thinking. If you were living in a Joni Mitchell song, this is the moment where you understand that he’s as constant as the northern star, constantly in the darkness, and where’s that at?

Act 3: Breakup time. You vacillate between resentment at Megacorp for taking him away, and wistfulness at how it used to be when your fingers danced over the keys after he’d set your world back on its axis.

All of which is to say that I am now looking for a tech guy. “Again and again, the same situation,” as Joni once put it. If you don’t want to share your techie with me, I understand. But don’t get complacent. Trust me: Megacorp will lure him away soon enough.

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