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My detail deficit

Once upon a time I had a supremely organized assistant who kept my calendar in order. When she was in charge of my life’s little details, I never showed up on Tuesday for meetings to take place on Thursday (or vice versa). August 9 and September 9 never strayed beyond their proper slots, thanks to Sarah. Now that I do everything myself, from calling the tech guy to booking the lunch dates, I have had to confront my embarrassing detail deficit.

Case in point: an item I posted here under the title “Meet Rona Maynard at Read for the Cure on October 18.” I thought I was really on top of things for spreading the word three months ahead of time. The good people at Read for the Cure have just set me straight on that. The actual date is October 15. I noted this in my calendar and in the body copy, thereby proving that when it comes to practical matters, my centre is not holding. It is, in fact, flying off in all directions.

While booking theatre tickets online for our upcoming jaunt to London, I somehow managed to buy seats for a night when we’ll be here in Toronto. Without a Sarah to do my troubleshooting, I had to do penance on hold with Ticketmaster in London.

I very much doubt that I’ve learned my lesson. The clouds is where my head was destined to be. To my husband’s eternal amazement, I am one of those people who quite frequently discover that we’re riding a familiar subway route in the wrong direction, because some unfolding mental drama is far more captivating than the humdrum requirements of getting from here to there.

Anyway, I’d love to meet you at Read for the Cure in Oakville on October 15.Here’s where to click for the amended news item. Let’s all be thankful I’m not Booking for the Cure.


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