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My Mother – Anne Goodman

My mum passed away January 9th 2012… She lived in England where I was born. I did get to spend time with her in December, with my husband and then with my whole family, my kids and one grandchild. She met Bennan while laying in her bed, he was 6 and a half months old and was so good with her, smiling and patting her. I am so glad she got to meet him. We had to return to the our home in America.

Sadly she passed in January and then on January 28th my dad did too……I think he missed her too much..

I am hurting so badly and I want her so much. I just hope it gets easier as today it is tough. I was supposed to be going back to help clear up house but I can’t. I just want to think that they are still there in their home….

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