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My Mother – Cath

It’s coming up to a year since my mother passed. She was not just a mum,but also my best friend.Pretty fit and healthy we’d just walked a 6-mile walk together as we did each saturday,the day before she died.

She’d been a child of the 60s, married my father in the late 70s and had my brother and I in the 80s. By the late 90s she’d divorced, and started a new relationship that lasted till her death.

My mum was a strong and resourceful woman-between raising us and a 30-odd year career as a nurse she attained two degrees,and worked her way to management level by the time I hit my teens. A woman who touched so many lives, she wasn’t aware of just how many–at her funeral people from all corners of the globe,all faiths and backgrounds came to pay their respects.

More than all that she was my friend and I miss her every day.I feel priveledged to have had such an inspirational mother guiding me through my life,and I wish she could have stayed.

It angers me when I see women older than I am with their mothers, and to see grandmothers playing with their grandchildren. My mother never got to have any of that. At 27, I feel cheated that I lost my 53 year old mother — and I mourn for the memories I would have loved to make with her.

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