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My Mother – Gertrude S. Jordan

gallery36Mom dreamed of being a music teacher or opera singer. She once auditioned for a Hollywood scout. With her Marlene Dietrich legs and music talents, I am sure she would have been a star. She settled for marriage at age 25 to my dad and put her dream away. A year later their first child, a daughter, was born. A little auburn-haired, blue-eyed beauty they both adored. Her life ended in a tragic accident at age four and neither parent was ever the same. My father retreated into alcohol.

Mom was a tower of strength for her three subsequent children. She raised us in an apartment over Dad’s favorite bar. She had to go to work when I was five, due to lack of support in her marriage. She was a telephone operator for an answering service, with her musical voice, and often had to work weekends. She lost interest in domestic pursuits or had no time for them, but she derived pleasure from work. In the beginning, I missed her greatly. My sister, who was 12, was charged with my care. I was often jealous because my sister was privileged to have Mom at home until then.

When people say,”Who would you like to have lunch with,” I always think “Mother.” The woman who fascinates me more than any other.She was a devout Catholic who thought for herself.She practiced the spirit believed in “birth control” and spacing children.In her reasoning, the clergy did not suffer the pangs of Childbirth. She wanted to see the the first woman President. She was so full of living, even now, 12 years after her death, people remark on her presence in their life.

Posted by Kathleen J Hemmer September 05, 2007 @ 6:51 AM.

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