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My Mother – Joan Adams Siler

Joan ASMy mother passed suddenly April 22, 2013 of a heart attack. She woke up that morning not feeling well but really could not describe what she was feeling. Surprisingly, she was not in a lot of distress at all. But she had enough heart history that I thought it was a good idea to go to the emergency room for a checkup. Within 15 minutes of saying she did not feel good she collapsed, was rushed to the hospital, went into cardiac arrest and died one and half hours later.

I was the youngest of her three girls and somewhat of her caregiver escorting her to various appointments and helping her keep her medicine straight. She still lived alone and cared for herself . She visited our home often to spend time with me and her grandchildren. I didn’t come to cherish my mother until the last several years of her life while helping her recover from bypass surgery. Before that time I struggled to understand her for some of the decisions she made while we were growing up. We were not very close as mother and daughter when I lived at home. When I moved away and started my own family I was able to understand a little better but always longed to have a close relationship with her. I wanted her to be the mom I could run to in my time of need. We never really evolved to that. Instead I became the daughter whom she ran to in her time of need. I learned to cherish that opportunity. That granted me the privileged of letting go of hurts that I was struggling with concerning how I felt I had been wronged by my mother. I am glad I was able to do for her what she was not able to do for me…and I don’t have any regrets. I love my mother so very much and miss her beyond words. I hate the suddenness of her passing. I wish I had reminded her, although I said it often, how much I love her. Even when moms do not live up to what we believe they should have been in our lives there is always something to learn and take away from those type experiences. Learn from your mom what you can and develop what you have.

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