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My Mother – Julia

My mom was born the only girl after 4 boys. Growing up she was treated like a queen. Her youngest brother was ten yr. older. She enjoyed her childhood.

As her family grew older and became ill, she was the caregriver. At 89 she had a stoke and lost her ability to talk. I was the only one she could comunicate with. At times she get so upset she would cry, angry, or pull my hair just to talk. So I created a languaged for us. I miss her so. I cry and cry. She pass March 28,2008. She left me with her 97 year old brother, Albert, who cannot hear or walk well.

I’m missing her so that is how I found you. I am going to get the book. I just miss my mother so much and have no one to tell this to. My heart is braking.

I only know how to care for people, yet do not Know how to help myself.

My mother was the person, who told me where to go and what to do. I am so lost without her.

Thank you


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