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My Mother – Lucia Dell’Agnese

LuciaWhen I was four, I had New Mom. She was excited, smitten, and slightly inexperienced. My days consisted of waking up, watching television with her, and going to Home Depot.

When I was six, I had Working Mom. Even though she had been working since I was a baby, it seemed as though she wasn’t around as much. I started Grade 1, and our days consisted of driving home from school, watching television, and making dinner.

When I was ten, I had Mr. Fix-it Mom. She had taken a year off work, and was frantically finishing the renovations on our house before she had to return. My days consisted of having breakfast ready on the table, gourmet lunches made, and snacks ready when I got home.

When I was fourteen, I had Never-lets-me-do-anything Mom. As the teenage era began, we were finding it hard to find common ground. She had a higher-intensity job, and I had started high school. Stress and tension levels were at its maximum, while my days consisted of getting home, going on the computer, and not thanking her for dinner.

Now I?m sixteen, and I have Just-right Mom. Almost everything she does is the right choice, the right balance of rules and lenience, and even if it doesn’t seem like that right away, I know it will be later on. My days consist of hugging her goodbye, driving around with her, and helping with chores (sometimes). My mom has grown, just like I have. And I know I’m not an expert on what moms are supposed to do, but what I do know is, she’s doing it just right.

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