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My Mother – Mom

Hi I lost my mom 10 months now..I miss every moment I spent with her…I am her oldest daughter. I have two more siblings…last year I just went to visit my mom for two weeks only…she just had a major heart attach and no one told me.they thought that it will be hard for me to travel. She was very exicted to see me…she met me at the door with flowers and sweets to welcome me..we hugged and kissed….she kissed my forehead my cheeks and continuously running her fingers in my hair…I can still feel all sister took pictures…and than we spent two beautiful days together…she was laughing,smiling talking a lot…and suddenly one morning “poof” she was gone..she is gone and i am still standing where she left me….she looked so beautiful lying there….as if she will get up suddenly..just the way she left us..suddenly .

The pitt of my stomack keep having pangs..I love her so is hard to say MY MOM IS GONE…lost my dad 15 years ago…can not believe do not have parents..I know all the right things…that she is in a better place without pain and all that…but something in me do not want to believe all that..I feel like that child in the mall who is crying for something he can’t get…and the child is thinking that the more he cry the faster people will give in and give him what he wants…..I even try to postpone the cremenatin process a little longer so if GOD has made mistake..HE might like to fix HIS act and send her back…like I have seen in movies…or heard in real life…but soon I knew those are fictions…..and we had to let go her BODY too….it is going to be ONE year and I have to go back for her ceremony..and I am sooooooooo dreading to go back in that house…with no smiles and welcomes joyous atmosphere…no body will be proud of body will look at me and fix my hair and tell me that i am beautiful….

I am a grown 53 years old with two grown children…and I feel like an orphan.Is it normal..I will give anything for a hugg from my mom…or just to find out that she is ok where ever she is and….mom i miss you and love you.

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