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My Mother – Patricia Lily Connors

Patricia LCMy mum only left me 4 days ago so it’s all very raw and surreal. There are moments of disbelief and then waves of grief, scared that I will forget her voice or her face. The funeral is on Thursday so another hurdle to go and then the closing of her affairs and the house.

Mum had been ill for so long with different ailments – her heart being the main problem but then she fell in January and never really recovered. She lost 7st, could not walk, had problems with her bowels and even undiagnosed cancer.

We had to admit her to hospital on Saturday as she had not had a bowel movement for 10 days and was in agony. By Sunday, the doctor said there was nothing the could do for her and we needed to put her on pain management. My Sis and I never left her side and spent 3 nights in hospital, by her bedside. She fought on until Tuesday and took her last breath at 19.10pm. All I can say is that I am priviledged to have spent the last 5 days with my mum, cleaning her face, holding her hand and telling her not to be scared – even being there with Sis when she took her final breath. At least she didn’t die alone and she knows she was loved enough that we were willing to do that sacrifice for her. Au revoir mum, see you one day but in the meantime, I am going to miss you.

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