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My Mother – Patricia

I lost my mom after complications following surgery; not due to the surgery. She developed sepsis due to large intestine twist. It literally shut everything down and we tried everything to get her well. But her kidneys and liver and gut just stopped working. After two and a half weeks of her on life support (oxygen and BP meds) we had to make the difficult decision to remove life support. It was terrible but I said “Mom you were the best mother ever, and it is okay to go” But when her heart started to fail I wanted to put the BP meds back in! Oh god, what have we done?? But I knew logically it was necessary to let her go; to her mother; the mother she loved and adored for 55 years.

She was my little lady; so dear and wise.And she too had the most delightfully soft skin; like baby powder soft. And she was always so nicely dressed and always so clean. My best friend in the world. She has been gone since March 6th, 2010 and not a day goes by that I don’t feel the pain and fear of losing her. It has manifested into severe pain in my back muscles and nerves. That is how my mind deals with this grief; attacks me. My mother would be devastated to know how much pain I am in. She loved and protected me my whole life; 48 years. I had my first birthday without her and now face the holidays. I do my best but this world is not the same beautiful place I loved for so long. She was the sunshine in my life and that has been brutally taken from me and my brothers and father. I cannot wait for the day when I see her again.

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