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My Mother – Resi

ResiMy mother died when i waz 9. She was my best friend n more to me. Everyday I think of my mom. I had tried to commite suicide becuase of her death. The story went like this………it was her birthday(march 23 was her birthday) and my whole 2nd grade class had sunt her get well soon cards that we all had made for arts-and-crafts time.So my dad,my sister,and I had went to the hospital to give them to her,but the doctors wouldn’t let my sister and I, go to see her because she had kinds of wires and IV’ as a child I cried. Then March 25,2005, my sister and I were dismissed from school and my dad was there to pick us up instead of riding the bus home.He had a sad look on his face but he didn’t tell us why.So he took us to the park and brought us to get snow-balls,then we headed home.When we got home he sat on the couch n we sat at the diner table finishing our snow-balls. Then he called my sister and I into the living room area and sat us both on his lap,we see tears in his eyes which makes my sister cry,then he sayz”Daddy wants yall to understand that mommy was very sick, and we prayed for her alot, but now mommy is gone to be an angle with god for a little while.” so I jump off his lap, onto the ground and cry.I always envyed my dad for letting us have a good time, then tells us our mom is gone. I couldnt believe any of this but i had no choice.This was a part of life that i had to live with? How was I going to make it without my mommy? Those answers came to me very slowly in life but now that I am 13, i realize all of this happens for a reason.

Posted by Breanna

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Rona Maynard
March 29, 2010 at 5:05PM

Dear Breanna,

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. You need your mom and you miss her. And I can tell from the photo of your mom how full of fun and fire she was. She had a kick-ass fashion sense, too! Any kid would be lucky to have such a mother.

If your mom could be here now, I know what she would say. “Live, Breanna! Reach for the moon, the stars and all the planets, too! You can’t hear what I’m saying—not out loud, anyway. But if you think of me and how much I loved you, you’ll hear it in your heart. Especially if you’re wearing wild and crazy socks.”

How do I know this? I’m a mother. And a daughter who misses her mother. Meditate on your mom and you will feel her presence. Don’t forget the socks!

Thinking of you as you become a woman,


Judy Moody
July 15, 2010 at 7:07AM

Hi Breanna,
I’m a motherless child too and I want you to know God has a master plan for you mom’s gone but never forgotten.Keep praying and staying fashionable moms watching you from above,you will miss her but if you focused on all of the wonderful times you two shared it will
be butterflies and sunflowers.Stay focused and you have people praying for you everyday.

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