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My pal the produce vendor

On every trip to St. Lawrence Market, I suss out the produce from end to end but always buy at least a few shallots and cremini from the Chinese-Canadian woman whose name I still don’t know, although she sells me something at least five times a week. If you shop at the Market, you’ve seen her: purple and black plaid shirt, red apron, big smile, long line of shoppers at her till, even when her colleague has no one to serve.

There’s a reason why she’s so popular. My pal in the purple shirt treats every customer like someone she’s been waiting to see. Only want half a bunch of cilantro? No problem. Don’t like the look of the okra? She’ll have someone check the back for unblemished pods no bigger than your finger. If you’re a regular, she’ll always knock a little off the price.

I like to think I’m her favorite customer. (I can practically hear some of you thinking, “Hell, no I’m her favourite customer!”) When she wished me happy holidays, I rolled my eyes and said, “You’ll be saying that a lot.” Oh, that smile. “But you’re the first person I’ve said it to.” Today’s conversation involved the red price sticker–$2.99–that she plucked from my coat. “You’re worth a lot more than that,” she said. My bill for potatoes and lemons came to $4.24 but she asked me for four dollars even. See why I keep going back?

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