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Off to China, but the coffee’s still on at this virtual kitchen table

I’m packing my bag, clearing out the fridge and wondering which essential item I’ll forget this time (please, not my glasses). I’ve left instructions for all and sundry. Any minute now, I’ll turn off the computer and start watching for the airline limo. Used to be, these steps were enough to get me out the door. Now there’s one more: stock this website with lively reading, because stolen moments in an Internet cafe might not add up to the kind of experience you’ve come to expect from me—and that I’m honoured to deliver.

I think of this site as my virtual kitchen table, and you’ll find plenty of reasons to pull up a chair and join the conversation. There’s some new writing plus a couple of old favourites from my Chatelaine days. (Come back May 29 to read about my stupidest renovation blunder ever. For now I’ll just tell you it involved a statement-making toilet.) Plus, for the first time, I’ve rounded up a small but special garland of posts by other women writers whose unique voices I discovered in my online rambles. They make me laugh, they make me think and they make me feel part of a virtual community. I’ve decided it’s time to share the pleasure of seeing the world through their eyes. Convening this talented group, I realized there was one thing I missed about running a magazine—the buzz of telling other people, “You’ve got to meet this writer.”

Who’s coming to visit? Here’s the roster

May 8: Kerry Clare, pregnant book blogger, decides the one thing she can predict about motherhood is a fine library for the baby.

May 15: Fiction writer Marnie Woodrow, who’s about to turn 40, celebrates the 40th birthday of the show that changed her childhood: Sesame Street.

May 22: Fearless adventurer Jules Torti explores the adventure everyone waits for: finding true love.

June 2: Children’s author and journalist Ann Banks remembers her embarrassing father—and sees what escaped her notice long ago.

Okay, enough wordcraft for now! Must do one last circuit of the loft to see if my meds are still sitting on the vanity…


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