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Praise for My Mother’s Daughter

Reviewers say:

“Maynard’s memoir taps into the witches’ brew of clear-eyed candour and emotional ambivalence that colours many of our mother/daughter relationships. It’s also a moving tribute to the unswerving, often unnerving matriarchal passion that powered one family’s Canadian odyssey from shtetl to Bay Street in three vibrant generations.” –The Globe and Mail

“In My Mother’s Daughter, Rona Maynard shows a substantive talent, using elegant, evocative and disciplined prose…”—The Toronto Star

“An alternately moving, exasperating and inspiring life story that radiates…both lingering tenderness and pain.”—Winnipeg Free Press

“Engrossing and eloquent.”—Robert Fulford, National Post

“A fearless confession….The beauty of Maynard’s book is that in taking us on her journey to understand her relationship with her mother, she helps us with our own.”—The Hamilton Spectator

“Maynard is a really wonderful writer.”—Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This

“This book shows the resilience of the human spirit to rise above all that can thrash against its shores. It’s a book about living the not-so-perfect life and still achieving success on your own terms. It’s a book of hope.”—Anne Day, Company of Women

Readers say:

“By the time I got to the half-way point, I simply could not put it down. I salute you for your courage and honesty in sharing YOU and your family with a whole lot of strangers.”

“I absolutely loved your book! I am now giving it to mom.”

“I have just finished my second read of your book. Not only is it beautifully written and very poignant, it is a healing journey for me personally.”

“The intricate relationships in your family emerge with such clarity, truth, and compassion. You show beautifully the conflicting emotions of frustration, fury, and deep love. Your story is your particular story, but I think there’s not a single soul who reads “My Mother’s Daughter” who does not recognize something of themselves when you reveal so eloquently your relationship with your parents, your sister, your son and your husband, and your work.”

“I just finished reading your book and I am feeling quite overwhelmed with gratitude to you for your generosity in sharing your story.”

“So much of your story seemed to be my story too, probably because it is in part every woman’s story as well. Now my sister is reading the book obsessively as well. When she’s finished, we plan to get together and have a real gab-fest about it, over one, or two, or maybe three glasses of wine, because it will be a long night. We’ll drink a toast to you!”





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