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Sale shoppers deserve great service too

The first saleswoman I saw today at one of my favorite stores–one where even sale prices feel like an indulgence–murmured all the right words about helping me, but her dour expression said, “Get me out of here.” I nearly bolted myself until I spotted her colleague Jean, who always treats me like a friend, even though I stick to the sales and weigh the merits of each bargain purchase as if I were buying a carpet, if not a three-storey house.

Ms. Dour scowled as Jean set me up in a dressing room, where I settled on two half-price pairs of the same Italian pant, one pink and one purple (I already own the green–that’s how much I love this pant). Okay, so I let Jean steal me. But I figure she’s earned my loyalty. As I left, she offered to call me with a personal alert to the arrival of my perfect pant in yet more colors. I can’t afford full price for snappy Italian pants, and made that clear. Jean lowered her voice as one clothes-loving friend to another. She’s going to keep me posted on the sale.

Jean understands what many salespeople don’t: just because you stick to the sale rack doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to thoughtful service. If I’m ever in the market for a full-price splurge on something gorgeous, you can bet that I’ll be paying her a visit.

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