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Temporarily cool: gets an accolade

Cool1I wasn’t feeling particularly cool when I checked my e-mail last night after trekking all over town in the snow, spending way more than I planned on a used desk to replace the beloved built-in desk that I must leave behind when we move one month from now. The very thought of a move brings out my inner ditz, and I don’t think about much else these days. Measurements! Checklists! Invoices! An onslaught of meetings with guys who install closets or security systems. My brain feels like an overstuffed suitcase with a broken zipper.

But someone I didn’t even know had decided that the online me was cool. There on my screen was the news that had just been pronounced a “cool site” by the Open Directory Project. The largest initiative of its kind, the Open Directory is lovingly maintained by a vast global community of volunteers. It’s an honour just to be included, let alone “cooled.” Only one site per category is chosen, and mine got the nod for “women on the web.” So I learned from my web developer (and proud nominator), Irene Duma of Strange Duck Media. Until last night, I’d never heard of the Open Directory, which goes to show the limits of my coolness.

Off I went to find my site on the Open Directory. It was there, alright. But where was the promised star attesting to my coolness? A flurry of e-mails ensued. The star returned, only to vanish again. Oh, well. Who was I to complain? Andy Warhol once predicted that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, and my site had been cool for at least half an hour. Still, I couldn’t suppress a pang of disappointment that this accolade I’d never known about or sought had been callously wrenched away. At least they hadn’t replaced my site with someone else’s—yet.

I’ll never know what happened or why. But I can tell you that my cool rating’s back—for now, anyway. That’s the trouble with coolness. Like health and jobs and pretty much everything else, it’s temporary. Just this afternoon, I was filling a give-away bag with designer suits that used to be the essence of cool (oh, those padded shoulders). And I have miles of bags to go before I sleep in our new home. So I might as well enjoy my honour while I can.

Warm thanks to all my visitors on this site over the past five months or so, and to Irene for creating it with me. You’ve made it fun. I wouldn’t be here without you.


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