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Three small good things I did this week

Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…there must be all kinds of ways I fell short this week. Like walking past people I know and seeing right through them (I’m told I do this all the time). Enough guilt-tripping, I say. I can think of three small, good things that I almost didn’t bother to do because they seemed so inconsequential. After all, I had plenty of big, complicated things to do. But sometimes it’s the little things that people remember.

I thanked someone for finding a graceful solution to one of those dilemmas that arise in every group from time to time. Although I didn’t know it, she’d been getting grief from other members of the group. She was thrilled to learn that not everyone backed the nay-sayers.

I sent an e-mail to a journalist friend whose straight-talking story had touched me—and included a heartfelt comment from another fan. Turns out she’d been getting flak from readers who thought she’d crossed the line.

I urged a friend to join me at my Saturday morning fitness class, where the funky dance steps and martial-arts chops give me a glow that lasts all day. She couldn’t thank me enough. Better yet, she plans to join the class. Now I’ll get to see her every weekend instead of just once in a while.


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