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When the marital mattress gets heaved down the stairs

I could tell you that infidelity is not the end of the world. I could add that an apparent tailspin in a marriage, which looks to outsiders like certain disaster, just might bring a change for the better. But most likely I wouldn’t convince you. Maxims don’t have anywhere near the impact of a compelling true story.

That’s why I’m sharing a wonderfully counterintuitive story that turned up this past weekend in The Globe and Mail’obituary of Connie Rooke, the beloved writer, critic, educator and mentor who died this month of cancer at age 65 after nearly 40 years of marriage to the writer Leon Rooke.The Globe‘s Sandra Martin writes:

The Rookes’ marriage, which had always been a volatile mix of hard work, partying, and the occasional indiscretion—on his part—burst its seams in the eighties after she became passionately involved with poet George Bowering, although he now denies that they had an affair. As for Mr. Rooke, he admits that he strong-armed the king-sized marital mattress down the stairs and threw it on the front lawn—although he refutes reports that he set it on fire.

“Everything eventually settled down and returned to the way it should have been,” said Mr. Rooke.”Friends said things would never be the same, but that wasn’t true. They were better. Maybe it is necessary sometimes for marriages to go through those brittle break-up things.

“It was always an exciting marriage, but after that, it just got better.”

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