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While I’m on vacation…

I wouldn’t dream of traveling with my computer anymore, for reasons you’ll soon understand. A few years ago, while my husband was heaving all our overstuffed bags onto a bus at the San Francisco airport, leaving me with only a computer to carry, I somehow abandoned the thing at the curb (which is shockingly easy to do when you have a detail deficit like mine). I spent the next several hours madly trying to find the computer while my husband grimly soldiered on with the rental car people. Oh, by the way, it was his computer. You can imagine my guilt-ridden panic.

After tearfully beseeching at least a dozen brusque and frazzled airport staffers to help me rescue my husband’s entire personal and professional life from the oblivion to which I’d condemned it (and doubting that there was any hope), I found the computer in the lost and found. Because this happened pre-9/11, I could whisk the computer away instead of handing it over to the anti-terrorism squad. I can’t tell you what we ate at Alice Waters’ world-famous restaurant (which was supposed to be a highlight of that trip and in fact proved a tad disappointing), but I’ll never forget the exultant relief with which I practically hugged that computer.

So while I’m away, I won’t be blogging in our hotel room. But Letters from Rona will continue to appear. I’ve been stocking the virtual larder: you’ll find more about strengthening the sister bond (a hot topic for many of you), a very personal review of Jennifer McLagan‘s provocative new book on the joys of fat,my most enchanting travel memory (which almost didn’t happen, thanks to my own pig-headedness), plus anything else that strikes my fancy as I pass an Internet cafe in England. Come back soon.

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