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I keep a manila file folder stuffed with wise thoughts torn from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Creating this work in progress is like planning a dinner party of intriguingly unlikely tablemates, both living and dead. Here are three recent additions I’ve beNorman Len mulling:

“Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit.”- the late Norman Mailer, quoted in an appreciation by Globe and Mailcolumnist Lynn Crosbie. She says she’s going to miss him, and that makes two of us. (I’d give you the link to Crosbie’s trenchant and surprising piece but the Globe, in fusty defiance of a fast-growing trend, is still charging for online access to its columnists.)

“Young love is about wanting to be happy. Old love is about wanting someone else to be happy.”-Mary Pipher, therapist and author of Another Country, a book on the emotional lives of the elderly, quoted in a recent New York Times article “Love in the Time of Dementia.”

“People want to give their kids everything. Don’t give your kid everything. Struggle is really, really important.”- Sandra Oh, whose Korean immigrant parents did not give her everything, speaking with writer Katrina Onstad in the November issue of Chatelaine. This profile joined two creative people I admire: Oh for her spiky but nuanced portrayal of Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Christina Yang, and Onstad for her splendid coming-of-age novel How Happy to Be.

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