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“Let’s take a walk with a very good boy.”

Starter Dog
by Rona Maynard

Background photo: Nicola Betts

Portrait: Peter Bregg

Rona Maynard had lost her spark. Then she agreed to let a dog into her life—and found a whole new way to meet the world.

“When you buy yourself a copy of this funny, honest adventure of a book (and you must), you're going to want to clear a few hours and read every word. God, Rona Maynard is a good writer.”
Abigail Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of A Three Dog Life and Still Life at Eighty: The Next Interesting Thing

Do Dogs Make Us Better Humans?

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“Enchanting…. marvelous wit and sensitivity.”
Hilma Wolitzer, author of Today a Woman Went Mad in the Supermarket: Stories
“This gem of a book showed me it’s still possible to find simple, everyday beauty in an uncertain world.”
Laura Davis, bestselling author of The Burning Light of Two Stars and The Courage to Heal
“A delightful romp with a mutt for all hearts.”
Donna Morrissey, bestselling author of Pluck
“With humor and insight, Rona proves that some things about being human are best learned from a dog. I loved this book.”
Catherine Gildiner, New York Times bestselling author of Good Morning, Monster
“Deeply life-affirming—a joy to read.”
Ann Dowsett Johnston, bestselling author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol
“Elegant and engaging.”
Mark Henick, mental health advocate and bestselling author of So-Called Normal
"I am loving your transcendently rewarding book!"
Joseph McElroy, award-winning author of Women and Men
"I love this book! I'm going to put it in the hands of every person I can think of."
Marion Roach Smith, the QWERTY podcast
"The kind of book you consume in one sitting and then heave a sigh as you reluctantly read the last page."
Winnipeg Free Press
"...humorous, heartwarming, ... upbeat and honest."
Library Journal