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Journey to Joy:

A motivational speech about the triumph over depression

When successful author, editor, and guest speaker Rona Maynard hit her lowest low in a years-long struggle with depression, she didn’t take her life because she couldn’t bear to devastate her family. But she still had to make a life worth living. Admitting she needed help set her on the path to emotional well-being; cultivating joy kept her there. Rona now sees her history of depression as a bond to others, not a badge of shame. 

Rona has been breaking the silence around mental illness since she first told her story in a landmark Chatelaine editorial. With bracing honesty and wit, Rona shows you how to practice hope when bad news and endless demands wear you down. This uplifting keynote speech will inspire your group to be champions for mental health—their own, their family’s, their community’s.

In this motivational keynote, you'll learn:

  • Why depression often goes unnoticed;
  • Why self-care doesn’t mean selfish;
  • How to say no to unreasonable demands;
  • Why you should listen to your daydreams;
  • How a 15-minute awe walk can bring joy and purpose to your day.

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