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The Healing Power of Pets:

An inspirational keynote speech by Rona Maynard

Decades after she recovered from depression, Rona Maynard, a renowned Canadian author, mentor and motivational speaker, teetered on the brink of a relapse. She let her husband talk her into rescuing their first dog—and fell in love with her life as never before. 

In this eye-opening keynote speech, Rona melds her personal story of transformation with timely research on the power of pets to keep us happier, healthier, and more connected to one another. If a drug could do for us what beloved pets do, it would be flying off the shelves.

As a guest speaker at numerous events, Rona has inspired audiences to break the silence around depression. In this new keynote, she extends her message of hope. Loneliness, a global concern, is challenging some of the best minds in healthcare. Human brain power can use a boost from heart power. That’s where animals shine.

Join Rona, a sought-after inspirational speaker, and learn:

  • How animals nurture joy and purpose throughout life;
  • How pets make us more loving toward one another;
  • Why the best couples counsellor might be a pet;
  • What animals do for us that humans with diplomas can’t;
  • Why old age is the most critical time for loving a pet;
  • How communities can strengthen the human/animal bond.

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