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My Senior Dog Is Deaf But Full of Joy

From day one we’ve called Casey a ginger dog, but “autumn leaf dog” would do as well–and applies to his stage of life. At 10, he’s as chipper as ever but has spinal arthritis and is well on his way

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Hey, Book Clubs! Let’s Get Together!

It’s not every book club that gets to savor wine, apps and conversation while watching the sun set over Lake Ontario. I lucked out with this group of dog-minded readers. If only you could see the whimsically mismatched earrings one

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If My Dog Were a Writer

My Casey, who fancies himself a rodent slayer, is not what you could call a dog of letters. I can count all the words he understands without using all my fingers. If he could tell a story, it would be

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Dancing with Depression (and a Dog)

The weeping woman sat front-row center, cheek pressed against her husband’s lapel. She had come to hear my story of “overcoming depression,” as I said in those days. When I got to the part about sobbing on the kitchen floor

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I’m No Senior, Call Me an Oldster!

August 21 was my day. No, not my birthday–I’ll be 73 for another two months. The day I share with the rest of us who had the good fortune not to die young and now have our very own place

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A dog licks a woman's face.

The Best Time of Life to Get a Dog

I’m a complicator, except when Casey is beside me. Every day is his best day since… well, yesterday. Today is his high tide of happiness until tomorrow brings more kibble in his bowl, more cheese flecks to lick from the

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About Me

I’m an author and keynote speaker who found happiness at 65—a story I tell in my new memoir Starter Dog: My Path to Joy, Belonging and Loving This World. In a former life as Editor of Chatelaine, Canada’s premier magazine, I disclosed my struggle with depression and helped kickstart a national conversation about mental health. I’ve been married more than 50 years and am a firm believer that road trips go better with a dog in the back seat. I’ve learned plenty about staying well from people with diplomas on their walls but my best mental health coach is a rescue dog named Casey.

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