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From Saint John’s to Victoria, audiences count on Rona for life-tested wisdom to apply right now. An inspirational storyteller, she opens up about her lowest lows, worst blunders and toughest encounters with crazy-making people. And she finds the funny side of every challenge. With Rona as your motivational speaker, a meeting room feels as intimate as a family room.  

Experience the fearless honesty that made Rona a trusted friend to millions of Chatelaine readers. Let’s talk about how Rona can inspire your group with the perfect keynote speech.

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Do you ever wonder how some people stay centered when the heat’s on at work, the plumber’s running late and the in-laws are coming for dinner? They know the shortcut to the inner wellspring that restores energy and optimism. This uplifting, laugh-filled speech will connect you with yours. Learn how to stay focused and upbeat in the face of life’s little zingers.

When Rona hit her lowest low in a years-long struggle with depression, she didn’t take her life because she couldn’t bear to devastate her family. But she still had to make a life worth living. Admitting she needed help set her on the path to well-being; cultivating joy kept her there. She now sees her history of depression as a bond to other people, not a badge of shame. With bracing honesty and wit, Rona shows you how to practice hope when bad news and exhaustion wear you down.

Decades after she recovered from depression, Rona teetered on the brink of a relapse. She let her husband talk her into rescuing their first dog—and fell in love with her life as never before. This eye-opening speech melds her intimate story of transformation with what science shows about how pets keep us happier, healthier and more connected to one another.  Rona’s message arrives as the World Health Organization takes aim at loneliness. Join Rona and learn why sometimes your ideal health coach isn’t one of your own kind.

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