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Truth-telling stories
bring Rona’s speeches to life.

From Saint John’s to Victoria, Rona’s reality-tested wisdom gets recorded, repeated and remembered. She’s not ashamed to share blunders that make her cringe. She’s learned a lot from crazy-making people. And she finds the funny side of every challenge. Let’s talk about how Rona can inspire your group. 

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Renew, recharge, re-imagine: Tap your inner wellspring

Do you ever wonder how some people stay centered when the heat’s on at work, the plumber’s running late and the in-laws are coming for dinner? They know the shortcut to the inner wellspring that restores energy and optimism. This uplifting, laugh-filled speech will connect you with yours. Learn how to stay focused and upbeat in the face of life’s little zingers.

From sad to glad: How I learned to dance with depression

Rona didn’t take my own life because she  didn’t want to devastate her family. But she still had to make a life worth living. The first step: admitting that she needed help. Learn why she’s not ashamed to have a history of mental illness, what it takes to stay well after treatment, and how we can work together to ensure that an illness of the mind gets the same respect as an illness of the body.

The healing power of pets

Sometimes your best guide through the aches of being human isn’t one of your own kind. When Rona told her husband, “Let’s go back to marriage counseling,” he had a different plan: “Let’s get a dog.” An animal in the house knocks the rough edges off a day and makes people more loving—to themselves as well as to each other. Learn how animals reduce loneliness, head off depression and open the path to a deeper engagement with the world.

Following your inner leader

Mining her own journey from underachieving sad sack to dynamic motivator and role model for women, Rona will show you how to listen to the wise voice within, which cuts through de-motivating workaday static and helps you build trust. Relatable stories will connect you with the passion, commitment and distinctive gifts that make up your personal leadership toolbox.

Life-changing lessons from difficult people

Crazy-making people have a knack for sucking up all your energy and power—because you let them do it. Learn what it takes to deal constructively with ego-bashers and nay-sayers. With Rona’s life-tested tips, you’ll turn conflicts into wellsprings of mastery and inspiration, both personally and professionally.